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How to get rid of automatic Windows restart?

The biggest bugbear of Windows is that it automatically restarts without asking. You walk away from your computer with your work spread out, documents open, and come back to a freshly restarted computer. This must sound completely unbelievable to a Mac users, in fact, I can't believe I'm using an operating system that does something like this myself as I write this. Grrrr!

The good news is that there is a way to turn this behavior off. Although it is fairly thoroughly hidden, I present it to you here.

Delete (or move somewhere else) in the C: \Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\UpdateOrchestrator files Reboot, Reboot_AC, and Reboot_Battery, which should prevent Windows from rebooting, and instead create directories named Reboot, Reboot_AC, and Reboot_Battery in the same folder, which in turn will prevent them from being recreated.

And now peace and quiet should reign.

(It should work with the latest Windows 10 Home and Pro and Windows 11).

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